Why is WagginWater good for my dog?

Waggin Water is good for your dog because it delivers them supplements and hydration at the same time. Waggin Water is using the same trusted ingredients and same dosage that you see in comparable treats and chews, ours is simply water-based (and flavorless). Since Waggin Water is using water as the delivery system which also allows the supplement to enter into your dog's system quicker than any food or treat is capable of.

Why is Waggin Water flavorless?

Dogs drink water more times per day than they eat food, chews, and treats combined. That's why Waggin Water purposely created flavorless water blends to piggyback on the many times per day dogs drink water to deliver them additional benefits.

Is Waggin Water a good alternative to treats and chews?

Yes Waggin Water can be a great alternative to treats and chews for picky eaters and dogs trying to manage their weight. It can also be considered an additional layer of support versus a replacement. You can still give your dog Hip & Joint chews, it's just now you can give them that same support through their water bowl also.

Does Waggin Water need to be refrigerated?

No, Waggin Water does not need to be refrigerated because we aren't adding any sort of food or perishable ingredients that can go bad. Waggin Water has a 2 year shelf life.

Are Waggin Water products AAFCO and CFIA approved?

Yes, Waggin Water products abide by the strict ingredient approval process put forth by the AAFCO and CFIA. Waggin Water only uses familiar ingredients that pet parents know and trust.

How much Waggin Water should I give my dog per day?

We recommend at least 1 bowl of Waggin Water per day. Waggin Water can also be used on a need basis. The great thing about Waggin Water is that dogs only drink so much water before they are done. They don't overdrink like they overeat with food. The dosage per Waggin Water was built strong enough to be effective yet subtle enough so that dogs can never drink too much Waggin Water and have negative effects.

Does Waggin Water have any sugar or additives?

No, Waggin Water has no sugar, no calories, and no added ingredients to affect the taste or composition of the product. We are only using purified water and the supplements themselves.

Can Waggin Water be used as a food topper?

Yes, many pet parents are using Waggin Water as a food topper to hydrate dry kibble or rehydrate freeze dried food. Waggin Water is a perfect food topper.

Is Waggin Water safe for cats?

Waggin Water doesn't make any claims about using their products on cats. We have built our current selection of products for dogs. While they might be safe for your cat, please consult with your veterinarian before using Waggin Water blends with cats.

Does Waggin Water have COAs for their blends?

Yes, please email us at and we will send you the copies of our COAs from our latest production run on any of our blends. We believe in transparency.

Can Waggin Water blends be mixed with each other?

Yes you can mix multiple Waggin Water blends into the same water bowl per serving with no issues. Waggin Water blends are subtle and safe when mixed together.

Is Waggin Water safe for puppies?

While Waggin Water is intended to be safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, we suggest consulting with your veterinarian before using Waggin Water with puppies.