Why Daily Dog Water?

Waggin Water is the easiest method of delivering your dog their most essential needs. Dogs drink water more than anything they consume on a daily basis which provides many opportunities to deliver your dog additional benefits.

Backed by science, research, and lab testing-- Daily Dog Water blends are both safe and effective for your dog. Subtle enough to not be detected by 98% of dogs tested, yet just as effective as equivalent chews and treats.

Flavorless with Function

Just like humans, dogs instinctually drink water to keep them alive. It's not something they even think about, it's just in their nature. So we figured why not give them additional benefits from this natural delivery system?

By remaining flavorless we are able to piggy back on the multiple times per day that dogs drink water to provide them with a healthier life. Your dog's water bowl just got a major boost and they can't even tell the difference.

Loved by Dogs

10/10 dogs approve because it's flavorless

Lab Tested

Ask to see our Certificate of Analysis from the lab

Backed by Research

Top notch ingredients and extensive research

Made by Vets

Crafted by professional vets

The Importance of Third Party Lab Testing

Any legitimate company that manufactures and sells products containing supplements for dogs should have Certificates
of Analysis', or COAs, available for public access and review.
A COA is a document from a third-party laboratory that verifies:

The product is clean and safe
The product contains the advertised amount of supplements
The presence or absence of other substances, such as contaminants

It is important that dog supplement companies verify the quality of their products with a third-party laboratory that is not connected to the company. This removes any conflict of interest and ensures that the lab results are accurate.

Waggin Water embraces this process because it holds our products to the highest standards of quality and safety for our customers. Feel free to contact us to see our COAs and ask any questions about our 3rd party lab testing.

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