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Your Pet's Wellness, through Hydration

Waggin Water is a brand dedicated to hydration for Pets. Our mission is to deliver Pets their most essential needs through water.

Our suite of hydration products each offer a different benefit for your pet. Our ethos is hydration, health, and wellness-- one sip at a time.

Best Sellers

  • CBD Water (6-pack)


  • CBD Water 3L Boxed


  • Dental Water 3L Boxed


  • Dog Mom Hat


  • Travel Collapsible Bowl


  • Variety Pack (6-Pack)


  • Waggin Water (6-pack)


Hydration, reimagined.

Most Pets receive their daily needs through food, treats, and tinctures. Essentials such as vitamins, minerals, collagen, bone & joint health, dental support, etc are all given to your Pet in the form of chewable or tinctures.

At Waggin Water we reimagined hydration. Water keeps our Pets alive and they drink it naturally all day. Our goal is to deliver Pet's these same essentials, but through hydration.

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Removing just as much plastic from nature as we use.

Our Pledge

As part of our dedication to environmental sustainability, Waggin Water launched a comprehensive plan in partnership with rePurpose Global to transform its use of plastic while promoting a circular economy.

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