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Why Waggin Water?

  • Water Based

  • All Natural

  • Flavorless

  • Functional

  • Vet Approved

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Waggin Water CALMING - 1L (4-pack)


Waggin Water CBD - 1L (4-pack)


Waggin Water DENTAL - 1L (4-pack)


Waggin Water HIP & JOINT - 1L (4-pack)


Tap Water Can't Be Trusted

Our Simple Mision

Our Simple Mision

Provide dog's with additional benefits from their daily water intake with our flavorless and functional water blends.

Dogs drink water more times a day than they eat food, treats, and chews combined. Our goal is to give them additional benefits from this natural delivery system.

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Waggin Water HIP & JOINT is the first "Collagen Water for Dogs" made with 10g of Collagen Peptides and completely flavorless and undetected by dogs.

Waggin Water CALMING is an all natural "Calming Water for Dogs" made with Melatonin, Suntheanine, and L-Tryptophan. Tasteless, scentless, colorless-- your Pet won't be able to tell the difference between Waggin Water CALMING and their daily water.

Waggin Water CBD is the leader in calming beverages for dogs. The simple blend of purified water and nano CBD helps promote calming and reduces anxiety in dogs....and it's completely flavorless.

Waggin Water DENTAL is the first ready-to drink "Dental Water for Dogs". No brushing, no remembering to pour additives into their water, and no more days ignoring your dog's dental health. Simply pour Waggin Water DENTAL directory into your dog's water bowl daily for improved dental hygiene.

It's Pretty Simple

Waggin Water is using the exact same ingredients and dosage from your favorite chews and treats, ours is simply water-based (and flavorless).

By remaining flavorless we are able to piggy back on the many times per day that your dog drinks water to deliver them additional benefits.

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