Debuting "Daily Dog Water" @ SuperZoo

Waggin Water will be debuting it's new lineup of ready-to-drink "Daily Dog Water" flavorless and functional water blends @ SuperZoo 2022 in Las Vegas, NV August 23-25.

Dogs drink water more times a day than they eat food, treats, and chews combined. Waggin Water's mission is to provide dog's with additional benefits from this natural delivery system without them even knowing.

Offered in 1L environmental friendly Tetra Pak packages, Waggin Water is humanizing a water brand for dogs. By remaining flavorless we are able to piggy back on the multiple times per day that dogs drink water to provide them with a healthier life.

Your dog's water bowl just got a major boost and they can't even tell the difference. 

Visit Waggin Water and see the new Daily Dog Water in action at booth #2376. See you soon!