How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Comfortable in the Heat

As it gets hotter outside, it’s important to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the heat.  Here are some tips to help your dog stay protected from the heat:


Ensure They Drink Plenty of Water

As it gets hotter, dogs will need to drink more water to avoid dehydration.  Waggin Water is perfect for your furry companion because it’s flavorless water that you can easily take with you.  It also has supplements for added benefits!


Protect Their Paws

There are several ways you can protect their paws including keeping them in the shade, walking them on the grass or dirt instead of concrete, having them wear protective booties, and shortening their walks.  It’s also ideal to walk them during a time when it’s not as hot such as in the morning or evening.  By protecting their paws, you can ensure they still have an enjoyable walk while keeping them safe.


Use Cooling Products

Dress them in a cooling vest or bandana that can be soaked in water to cool them down. 


Groom Them Appropriately

It can be a good idea to brush them regularly to avoid matting.  You can also take them to the groomer to get a short trim.  They will look stylish while staying cool and comfortable in hot weather. 


Don’t Leave Them in the Car

As it gets hotter, it becomes dangerous to leave dogs in the car.  Take your dog inside the store if it’s pet friendly or leave them at home while you run errands to ensure they stay safe. 


By following these tips your dog can enjoy the hot weather while staying safe and comfortable.