The Dangers of Tap Water for Dogs: Why Your Furry Friend Might Be in Trouble

You might think that giving your dog tap water is totally pawsome, but the ruff reality is that it could be putting your furry friend's health in danger. Here are just a few of the dangers that lurk in your dog's water bowl:


Tap water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria and other nasty microorganisms. While it's safe for humans to drink, dogs are much more sensitive to the chemical. Chlorine can paw-fully irritate their skin, eyes, and respiratory systems, and can even give them the runs.


Old pipes and plumbing fixtures can leach lead into the water supply, which can be totally toxic to both humans and animals. Even low levels of lead exposure can cause serious health problems over time, including anemia, kidney damage, and developmental delays. Yikes!

  • "Leach lead" refers to the process by which lead particles are released into the water supply from old pipes and plumbing fixtures. These particles can be barkingly dangerous to both humans and animals if ingested over time.


Many municipalities add fluoride to tap water to help prevent tooth decay. While it's safe in small amounts, too much fluoride can be totally toxic to dogs. Symptoms of fluoride toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. Paws off, fluoride!

Final thoughts, tap water can pose serious health risks to your furry friend. To keep your dog healthy and happy, it's best to avoid tap water altogether. Instead, consider investing in a high-quality dog water product. At Waggin Water, we offer a functional and safe alternative to tap water that your pup will love. Don't risk your dog's health - switch to Waggin Water today!