Our Simple Mision

Provide our beloved Pets with access to clean water on-the-go.

Waggin Water is revolutionizing the Pet industry with it's bowl'd water products for Pets. Whether you're the Pet parent who brings a collapsible bowl and clean water source, or you're the active Pet parent who prefers a convenient "bowl'd water" to instantly peel-and-serve-- Waggin Water is your solution.

We realize that our Pets need access to clean water every day and our goal is to make it easier for you to provide that for them.

Convenience, Emergencies, and Everything in Between

Just like humans our Pets are often on-the-go and need access to clean water. Camping, hiking, dog parks, stray dogs, car rides, traveling, and the unfortunate natural disaster. When our Pets are stuck without clean water, Waggin Water is the solution.

Born from Necessity

Founder Drew Whited's passion to build Waggin Water came from his own experience with Mickey, his 4 year old long hair Chihuahua.

Drew is an entrepreneur who travels often with Mickey. Many times Drew was stuck without access to clean water or his collapsable bowl for Mickey. Drew was forced to buy bottled water and find a bowl to pour it in. Drew decided it was his mission to change the Pet industry with bowl'd water products for Pets.